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The story :

Deep in the French countryside, the little village of Thiercelieux has recently been attacked by werewolves.

Each night, murders are committed by some of the villagers,
who due to some mysterious phenomenon (possibly the greenhouse effect)… have become werewolves.

It is time now to take control and eliminate this age old evil,
before the village loses its last few inhabitants.


Object of the game :

For the villagers: to eliminate the werewolves
For the werewolves: to eliminate the villagers

Game components:

24 cartes:
4 Werewolves
13 Villager
1 Seer
1 Thief ©
1 Hunter ©
1 Cupido©
1 Witch ©
1 Little Girl ©
1 Captain ©

Short history of the game
by Bruno Faidutti.

The Werewolf game, also known as Mafia, is a traditional russian party game. Originally, due to stalinian paranoia, the aim of the game was to find out the two foreign spies. Now, it's to unmask the two inflitrated policemen... or the two werwolves. To play the game, you only need a table, more or less ten players, and a standard deck of cards. And, of course, you need to read the rules.
So what? If you've read the rules, you've already understood that it's a game of talk and talk, and try to convince eneryone that you are right. The two werewolves must help one another, but not show it if they don't want to unmask themeselves. The seer knows lots of things... but if she shows it, she can be sure that she will not wake up next morning. Werewolf is the game of "it's not me, it's him", and better be convincing.
I found the rules of this game on the internet. I liked the idea, and this fast paced, fun and communicative game that plays very well with ten to twelve players has soon become a favorite opener or filler in my gaming group. Among the the regular attendants were Philippe des Pallières and Herve Marly, who grew very excited with this game and soon invented new characters and optional rules, and designed a few wonderful home made decks.
Soon, they were talks about publishing this home-made version of werewolf. They asked me to join in the venture, and I just had to say yes to have my name printed on the box, but I declined the offer. I've seen too many game authors lose lots of money in the self-publishing adventure. However, I wish them good luck, since this game is still also more or less my game. The werewolves from Thiercelieux (the little village where Philippe des Pallières lives) has all the cards you need to play the basic game, and about ttwelvemore for the most interesting variants and new characters. And the graphics are wonderful..


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Good plays with alls,
P. des Pallières, H. Marly.


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